It is an evolved and precise shoulder surgery process that draws from path breaking augmented systems. This helps make shoulder replacement surgery, relatively effortless.

If you are seeking joint replacement surgery, inquire with your surgeon and learn about the possibility of a joint replacement tailor-made for your body and your needs. If you are a medical or para-medical professional, register for free to learn more about this futuristic ‘Post-Covid’ era technology and its proper application.

The mandatory CT scan of the shoulder helps the system generate a precise virtual 3D bone model. The surgeon friendly web interface allows the surgeon to work from anywhere with basic Internet access. The surgeon now plans the surgery on the virtual bone model. The simple, modular, re-usable, and intuitive jig helps place the guide wire for the glenoid component in the precise position as planned. Glen3wiz cuts down on pre-operative time delays, decreases prep visits, saves time during surgery and improves the final results.