Arthro 3D

  1. What is Arthro 3D?
    Arthro 3D is a meditech venture creating a futuristic platform of augmented 3D bone mapping and tech assist devices that can help orthopedic surgeons increase precision and create value. Our objective is to transform the surgical environment to maximize care delivery, and improve patient experience with digitized healthcare solutions.
  2. What devices and products are in the company’s portfolio?
    Kne3wiz is the first product in our portfolio. It is a robust 3D imaging based total knee instrumentation system. It helps generate accurate 3D Dimensions across X, Y, and Z Axis, helping surgeons identify and customize implants even before stepping foot inside the OT.  Kne3wiz reduces the surgery time and improves the efficacy of the treatment. Glen3wiz is the other product added to our portfolio. It is a robust 3D imaging based system for glenoid fixation in total and reverse shoulder joint replacement. Its accurate instrumentation helps to place the glenoid in exactly the correct position. It helps the surgeon define the natural anatomy better and hence plan the reconstruction without any surprises in the operation theatre.
  3. How can I try the products before subscribing?
    You can register with us online, free of cost and get access to simulated practice sessions. It will give you a first-hand experience of the actual system and also experience the continuous quality support at every step. You can also check out the informational portal within our members’ area that is populated by senior surgeons and subject matter experts from across the country.
  4. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
    Our subscription model consists of pre-paid packages for 10, 25, 60, 150, 250 and 500 CT scans with varying time limits. Once you purchase a pack, the corresponding numbers of CT Scans are credited to your account. These cannot be redeemed or transferred. We suggest you start with the smallest pack size and renew your count of available scans as and when required.
  5. Will I get any assistance as part of my subscription?
    Our team of doctors, technical experts, system personnel and administrative staff are always available during the stipulated time to provide any online assistance that may be required for the smooth functioning of all our products.
  6. Where can I find more information about Kne3Wiz?
    If you wish to take a closer look, we have medical centers using Kne3wiz and other demo systems that can give you an up close preview. Reach out to us using the contact form on our website, and we will try to find a center near you and schedule a visit.
  7. How does this benefit the patients?
    With Kne3wiz, the surgeon can choose between various implants to find the best-fit design, size and position for each individual patient. The instrument jig with Kne3wiz is modular so that it is built precisely for that individual patient. This level of customization and precision ensures a successful surgery and effective recovery with virtually no impact of ageing and wear.
  8. How does this benefit the surgeons?
    We’re using intuitive technology to create assessment tools and surgery assist devices for orthopedic surgeons. Our platform helps the surgeons evaluate, assess and precisely gauge the specific requirements for instrumentation and implants for every surgery.
  9. How does this benefit a healthcare service provider?
    We’re creating products that will shape the future of orthopedic surgeries around the world. We help reduce the planning period as well as the actual surgery time. Our process aims at training the medical community for adapting to the use of technology assist devices in a way that can benefit both the patients and the caregivers.
  10. Are there any tutorial videos available for reference? Where can surgeons find more information about surgical skills training and courses?
    Our registered users get access to informational content and learning materials where experts from the field share their insights and knowledge in the form of exclusive white papers, documented case studies and instructional tutorial videos. Trained technical experts, as well as surgeons, host webinars on a variety of topics.
  11. What all do I get as part of the subscription?
    As part of the subscription, you get access to the Arthro 3D console that houses Kne3wiz, Glen3wiz and the dedicated members’ area. You get access to all our training resources and the products. Furthermore, as your membership credits the purchased number of CT Scans to your member’s account, you will also be able to use the other products added to our system as long as you have CT Scans available in your account.
  12. How do I subscribe for a product?
    You can fill up the registration form on our website to initiate the process. Once you submit the online form, you will receive a confirmation email on your registered email address with the payment information. You can make the payment online through RTGS and send us the transaction details. We will activate your membership account within two working days.
  13. Whom can I contact for more information?
    Drop a message in the Contact Us area of our website. You can contact us on WhatsApp or by a simple SMS on +919173914080 and we will be happy to assist you.